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Theme Notes

Use Avada

Avada elements have a design tab. That should be investigated first before adding html tags to a text area. Many of the library elements and containers will have specific settings, and in-line html will throw them off.
For instance, for a “Title” element, use the Design tab to select what heading to use (h1, h2, etc.) or the tag you insert will be wrapped in a default tag, so title will end up line


– an H1 inside another H1 – and paddings and margins will be applied twice.

Fri, 30 Mar 2018

Some pages can be populated using saved Fusion Builder containers and elements. You access saved stuff by clicking on the “Library” tab at the top of the editor.

Use the default Text element to add normal text, it will be centered and the font selected. Don’t include titles in the Text element, use the Title element instead.

The hero image has to be a slider (it’s how Avada works out of the box). For the pages I made, I used a simple Fusion Slider with a single image. You have to create the slider first, then create the slide and assign the slide to the slider, then assign the slider to the page using the Slider controls below the page editor. It doesn’t have to be a Fusion Slider, but there has to be a slider or the header content is invisible.

Each page also needs the Title Bar disabled, below the Slider controls, also below the Editor.

This is the H1 – The Quick Brown Fox

This is the H2 The Quick Brown Fox

This is the H3 The Quick Brown Fox

This is the H4 The Quick Brown Fox

This is the H5 The Quick Brown Fox
This is the H6 The Quick Brown Fox

Build the events in the Portfolio section and place them in the events category.